Hints and Projects
Notes about tools that are specially useful for 1/144 projects.  Some you can make yourself.
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Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong
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Part of the challenge of miniature-making is that it can call for a wide variety of skills.  If you are uncomfortable handling knives or threading needles, or measuring in fractions of an inch, you may find some help here.

You are welcome to try these projects.  They are coded with symbols saying which are suitable for beginners, or for people with little access to special supplies, or for perfectionists, and so on. Some projects have specially detailed instructions.
Miniaturists aren't always patient people, and they look for easy and more effective ways to get the results they want.  Here are some short cuts to try. 
The smaller you make something, the more important the choice of materials becomes.  Wood  splinters, fabric frays, metal snaps.  Here are some possible solutions. 

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